Holy Land Satellite Help

System Requirements:

1. Screen Resolution 1024x768 or higher is best with window maximized. The program will run at 800 x 600 resolution if the window is run in full screen mode by pressing the F11 key.

2. A javascript-enabled web browser capable of interpreting Cascading Style Sheets coding is necessary to use most of the program features and menus. This includes Internet Explorer 5 and above and Firefox 1.5 and above.

The maps displayed by this program are high resolution satellite images of the Holy Land and require an ample supply of memory to function well. The program uses your web browser and works just like in internet website, except it is stored on your hard drive. If you have only 256 mb of RAM, there may be some delay during scrolling of the large satellite images.

This is a very simple program whose operation should be fairly intuitive. Click on a place name on any map zoom level and you will see a page with a Photo and description of the location and significance of the site. If a scripture reference is listed in the narrative, it will be a link to the King James version of the bible. Click on the link to read the referenced verse. Click your browser <back> arrow to return to the place description page..

When the 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25% zoom levels are displayed, the menus along the top of the screen display lists of cities and landforms. Click on a city name and the map will automatically center over the city, making it easier to find. You may also scroll the maps manually by using the scrollbars at the bottom and right side of the screen. The precise location of each city is under the very tip of the carat symbol (^, or < ) at one end of the place name.

For the centering function to work accurately, your viewing window must be maximized. If you also use the full-screen view by selecting it in your browser menu or by clicking F11, you will see the most accurate centering when a city name is clicked. If a city is near the edge of the map image, the centering function will scroll to the edges of the image in an attempt to center the city name, however it may not be completely centered.

If you need any other help, a link to the King James Version of the Holy Bible is listed in the HELP menu. You may browse and search the Bible to find all kinds of help for every circumstance in life.