Beth Shemesh

Also known as Tel Bet Shemesh, Tel Beth-Shemesh, Tell er-Rumeileh, Ain esh-Shems, 'Ain Shems, Beth-shemesh, Bethshemesh, Har-Heres, Ir-Shemesh, Rabbah(?), Rubute(?), Rumeileh

Meaning, House of the Sun

A city (Josh. 21:16; 1 Sam. 6:15), on the north border of Judah (Josh. 15:10).
It became a priest city. It is mentioned in connection with the movement of the Ark of the Covenant. It was the scene of an encounter between Jehoash, king of the northern kingdom, and Amaziah, king of the southern kingdom, in which the latter was made prisoner (2 Kings 14:11, 13). It is identified with Tell er-Rumeileh, near the ruins of the Byzantine city Ain Shems.
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