Mosaic Map of Jerusalem in Medeba

Meaning, "Waters of quiet"

An ancient Moabite town (Num. 21:30). It was assigned to the tribe of Reuben (Josh. 13:16). Here was fought the great battle in which Joab defeated the Ammonites and their allies (1 Chr. 19:7-15; compare 2 Sam. 10:6-14). In the time of Isaiah (Isa. 15:2) the Moabites regained possession of it from the Ammonites.

The ruins of this important city, now Madeba or Madiyabah, are seen about 8 miles south-west of Heshbon, and 14 east of the Dead Sea. Among these are the ruins of what must have been a large temple. and of three cisterns of considerable extent, which are now dry. These cisterns may have originated the name Medeba, “waters of quiet.”

Easton's Bible Dictionary
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