Mount Ebal

A mountain 3,076 feet above the level of the sea, and 1,200 feet above the level of the valley, on the north side of which stood the city of Shechem (q.v.). On this mountain six of the tribes (Deut 27:12, 13) were appointed to take their stand and respond according to a prescribed form to the imprecations uttered in the valley, where the law was read by the Levites (Deut 11:29; Deut 29:4, 13). This mountain was also the site of the first great altar erected to Jehovah (Deut 27:5-8; Jos 8:30-35). After this the name of Ebal does not again occur in Jewish history.

Easton's Illustrated Dictionary

A mound on the top of Mt Ebal was excavated in the early and mid 1980s by a group headed by Adam Zertal of Haifa University. Zertal claims that there is much evidence that this site is the altar mentioned in Deuteronomy. His description of the site is most interesting. ( )

Most other biblical archeologists disagree with Zertal's conclusions.

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